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The official website of the Romanian Association for Social Psychiatry

Welcome on the official page of R.A.S.P., a professional, nongovernmental, apolitical and non-profit organization, as it is mentioned within the first chapter of its Statute.
Our primordial goal is that of contributing to the society's change of view over the concept of mental illness, together with stimulation through all means, reintegration within society and family, psychical recovery and help of people with mental health problems.


Because principles must be put into practice,
we intend to offer a varied range of services and specific actions by initiating and promoting organized structures of community psychiatry assistance, by organizing professional and scientific events with specific themes of community psychiatry assistance, and by preparing and distributing a magazine meant to inform and promote community psychiatry assistance /details ...


Because it is only as a team that we can succeed,
we intend to bring together as many partners as possible, either physical persons or companies, associations, foundations, animated by the same purpose – that of preparing, promoting and implementing at all levels projects for sustaining the community psychiatry assistance of people with mental health issues and of obtaining internal and external financing for them to be carried on /details ...

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